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From Poppyseed to Pumpkin

There are countless apps that will tell you what size your growing bump is each week. Now you can track the growth of your baby from the poppyseed it starts out as through to pumpkin time with a corresponding wholefood recipe for each week. This barefoot guide to being pregnant in the kitchen focuses on slow carbohydrates, whole foods and is refined sugar free- all without sacrificing flavour. Inside there are morale boosting bakes like lemon poppyseed and chia cakes and flourless coconut brownies, healthy snacks like sweet potato hummus and spiced carrot and lentil burgers and plenty of things to stock the freezer with - like butternut squash and black bean chilli. All of the recipes have been nutritionist approved. There are also fun and practical crowd sourced hints and tips for what you should be doing week by week to prepare for your baby's arrival. This guide from the author of 'Cut the Carbs!' and 'A Suitcase and a Spatula' is like having a good friend with you in the kitchen the whole way. By the end of the journey you'll have mastered a delicious repertoire of wholefood recipes, have a fully stocked freezer and be ready for your biggest adventure yet.

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